New England and Canada cruises feature enticing destinations and exciting cities; each day you can wake up in breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and immerse yourself in nature, or acquaint yourself with the restaurants, local culture and lively atmosphere of these immersive destinations.

At Tailor Made Cruise Holidays, we offer excellent cruise holidays to this incredible part of the world, giving you a taste of the many hidden gems of New England and Canada.

When setting sail to Canada, one of the many captivating cities you could visit is Québec City, which is thoroughly unique due to its fortifications and spectacular European architecture. This picturesque place is home to some of the country’s oldest settlements and historical artefacts, with the Old Quebec neighbourhood being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also find a number of museums and landmarks in this area, such as La Citadelle de Québec, making this destination perfect for history enthusiasts.

Montréal is another exciting destination in Canada, filled with charming cultural attractions, English pubs and a thriving food scene which will leave you wanting more. Scattered across the city there’s plenty of art and design, from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to the Place des Arts, for breathtaking performances and events. In the centre you can find the Mount Royal Park; a lush green space where you can stroll around in the summer, or enjoy cross-country skiing and tobogganing in winter months.

You will also get the chance to see Saint John, which still has ties to its roots through the 19th-century red brick architecture, where you can see ocean views from the port. You won’t be short of colourful cityscapes, delicious cuisine and remarkable galleries and museums.

Boston is New England’s biggest city, so if you’re looking to explore the Freedom Trail downtown in Massachusetts, this is the perfect destination to call at during your cruise. Within this historic city, you can stop by one of the multiple theatres, attend a show put on by the symphony orchestra or uncover its fantastic contemporary art scene. 

When calling at Boston on your premium cruise, you’re bound to stumble across historical sites such as the USS Constitution (the oldest commissioned warship afloat), the Boston Common or the Old Corner Bookstore, which will enrich your understanding of this fascinating city. Boston’s prime location as a coastal city also means there’s plenty of delicious seafood to sample, from sumptuous cod to lobster and shellfish, to tasty Asain cuisine in Chinatown.

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